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Amp Up Your Wired System With Sonos Amp

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Do you already have a wired speaker system, but the functionality is falling flat? Thinking of installing a Sonos system for the ease of use and control of individual speakers right from a convenient app? What if I told you there was a way to integrate your existing (or new) wired speakers right into the Sonos ecosystem? With the Sonos Amp this is as easy as connecting your speakers to the amp and you’re ready to listen right from the Sonos app!

Benefits of Sonos

So you may be wondering what the benefits of a Sonos system are and why you might want to add Sonos capabilities to your existing system. With Sonos you gain easy access to each individually connected speaker and your favorite music streaming platform right from one convenient app. With the Sonos app you can turn on and off each individual speaker to create zones within your home or business for the ultimate control. This is where the Sonos Amp comes in. With the Sonos Amp you can bring any of your wired speakers right into the Sonos ecosystem for maximum enjoyment. A Sonos system works right over Wi-Fi so all of your speakers connect with ease. With the Sonos Amp your wired speakers will be recognized just as easily as Sonos speakers.

The power you need with the connectivity you desire. While the Sonos Amp can connect your passive wired speakers to your Sonos system, it is after all an amplifier. It can easily be connected to your floor standing loudspeakers, theater system, architectural speakers, outdoor speaker system, bookshelf speakers, connected turntable, and any other speakers you may have. With 125 watts per channel, you’ll have no problem connecting any of your indoor or outdoor speakers to enjoy undistorted music even at high volumes.

Home Theater Made Easy

With a Sonos Amp you can unlock wireless capabilities for your home theater. Do you have beautiful, wired freestanding loudspeakers but are lacking the rear depth you’re looking for in your movie experience? With a Sonos Amp you can easily connect your wired speakers right into the Sonos ecosystem and add additional speakers with ease. You can even choose to add additional wireless Sonos speakers to your system like the Sonos One for your rears or a Sonos Sub for more bass and have them up and running in minutes. With Sonos the possibilities are endless. It’s even rack mountable for easy organization alongside your existing system. Ready to add Sonos to your existing wired system? Call us today at 516-345-2636 today to get started!

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Audio Visual Sonos