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Home Audio Systems Multi Room


Play what everyone wants, in the room where they want to hear it!

Home Audio Distribution at its best! Create separate Audio Zones, then, associate Playlists to those Zones. Play music from multiple formats and sources, including radio, streaming music, your iPod/mp3 player, iTunes, an external hard drive or computer. It's like music magic!

With unprecedented control over your audio, Control4 technology will change the way you listen to music-forever. The intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to browse through your music collection and play any song you want, at any volume, in any room in the house.
  • Hear classical in the den, jazz in the kitchen, and rock in the teen's room-all at the same time Play songs from your favorite streaming services, like Spotify or Pandora; SiriusXM satellite; or your iTunes music library

  • Distribute amplified music to different areas in the house with multi-zone amplifiers

  • Send music from virtually any source, including your smartphone or tablet, to any room in your house with the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge; even guests can stream music throughout your home


Control4 offers wireless home audio systems and components that eliminate the need for major renovations on your property. All speakers and audio components are integrated seamlessly througout your home's rooms, even the patio, pool and garden!

By creating "Audio Zones", like "Family Room", "Master Bedroom", "Pool and Patio", you can control and play music from different sources for each zone. All this fuctionality doesn't require multiple and complex remote controls. You have full control of all audio zones and systems from your Control 4 remote, PC, your iPad, iPhone or Android phone!

Take a look how easy it is to control your
home audio systems distribution!

AVI's home audio distribution system installation is easier than you ever thought, you can aquire the music solution of your dreams in just a few hours.

Here are a few examples that show you what AVI can do for you:

  • Let us create a CD Library that is navigated through your screens or remote devices, including album covers for easy navigation, organized by genres, artist or favorites. No more dealing with physical CDs, all is stored in your custom created digital CD library!

  • Play music from your iTunes library, cable radio stations, mp3 player, XM Radio and the list goes on!

  • Outfit your home theater and/or living room with the best in surround sound. We can easily install in-wall and in-ceiling speaker components. Enjoy the sound without the bulky speakers in sight.

  • Choose to hear classical in the den, Blues in the kitchen, and rap in the teen's room - all at the same time

  • Access to over 4.5 million songs in any or all rooms anytime with Rhapsody (Rapsody membership required)



Music plays a big role in our lives. We listen to music in our car, when we work, when we socialize with friends and in many more instances. It used to be that when we had friends over we would bring a carry on stereo to the room that we gathered, whether that was the back yard or the living room. It used to also be that we would listen to radio or tapes. This primitive way of using music to entertain our friends is long gone.

Now anyone can have multiple streams of music playing independently in any room as well as having the control needed to never have to go back to the main components. Using graphic user interfaces such as Wi-fi Tablets, color touch-panels in the wall or even handheld remote controls, we are able to select music from the cd library, XM radio stations, FM preset stations or even navigate through your I-Pod on our touch-screen and route that source into any room we wish. Think of all the time saved as well as the convenience.

Of course there are different levels of home audio distribution with different budgets attached to each one. At AVI we like giving options. On our initial consultation all we do is just get to know you and your listening preferences. From there we design a system suited to your needs and we present a couple of different ways to match them.

Audio distribution is the biggest part of our business and naturally we pay a lot of attention and man hours designing the perfect system to match your needs.


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