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Home Automation and Smart Devices…is there a difference?

Smart Home

While the marketplace is flooded with devices to make your life easier, it is very easy to get caught up in the marketing buzz words and features that many devices offer and think they can control your whole home. They may be able to do basic functions out of the box, but with home automation so much more can be done. A home automation system doesn’t only control your home and devices but interacts with them, allowing for multiple different devices to work together and create customized scenes and functions to change the mood or security level with the press of a single button. For the same functionality with just smart devices you may need to use several different apps in order to achieve an often less customizable effect.

Smart Devices

After a wifi connection many smart devices like an Alexa dot or Google nest may offer some control but if you’re looking for more than the weather or basic functions you may run into some issues. These devices may connect to some other devices but this is often only with select companies they chose as partners, through third party systems or apps, and often with limited functionality. An example may be being able to turn on a fan by interacting with a smart fan system but being unable to control the speed. These integrations are often limited only to those that have partnered to those brands so something that my work with Alexa will not with Google, so several systems may be needed to attempt to control your home.

Control4 System

Home Automation

But what if you want real control and not just a collection of apps for controlling each different device in your home? One app from Control4 or Crestron can make your home truly smart and take over control of all smart devices as well as many wired systems throughout your home. These systems are able to seamlessly blend functionality to allow you to access multiple systems simultaneously. Does the sound of your alarm clock instantly start your morning off on the wrong foot?  Wouldn’t it be great to wake up each morning to your shades opening, lights gradually coming on, and your favorite news coming on at a time of your choosing? Get paranoid about forgetting to lock your doors or turn off your lights? With these systems you can add a Goodnight button and settings on the app to lock all of your doors and turn off all lights, or even specific ones of your choosing.

If you have been looking online at options that ship right to your door you might be wondering why a home automation system is more expensive. This is because these systems add a layer of security to your home with a hard wired central system on a rack that contains all of the connected devices in your home rather than them being spread across the home and functioning over wifi. This allows them to work faster and become interconnected so that they can interact without delay. An example of this is track lighting in your theater coming on when you pause a movie to help guide you out of the room.  These home automation systems can also allow for various upgrades to your system with higher quality components such as luxury level speakers and other items that are only able to be hard wired All of these are then accessible from one convenient app, touch panels, or keypads throughout your home.

For true control of your home there is no substitute for a home automation system. The seamless integration is the clear choice for making your home truly smart. Call us today at 516-345-2636 to see how we can help transform the experience in your home.  

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Control4 Crestron Smart Home Systems