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have a device that isn’t working just right? Want to bring it back up to speed? Or is your home’s wifi speed the culprit? All these services and more are now available to keep you and your home running smoothly. After a growing demand for home networking and computer assistance we have added these IT services to help you solve all of your mac and pc needs.



Wifi 6

Upgrade to the next generation of wifi technology with faster speeds, better connectivity, and stronger security

Wifi Boost

For wifi signals that are not keeping up with your daily life. Too many devices can be straining your old router and causing video to be rough and pixelated. It might be time for an upgrade and our experts can help you choose one that will meet your needs

Wifi Extention

There may be places in your house that are slow or maybe you want a stronger signal by the pool. Our expert technicians can find the perfect fit for your current system to extend strong, usable wifi to any part of your home or property

Cell Reception Improvement

Your home or office should never be a dead zone. Improve the quality of your calls and mobile data within your own home or office


PC Tune-up

For computers running slowly, often just need diagnostic testing and a tune-up. Can be done remotely

Virus Removal

Removal of adware, malware, viruses, and worms. Usually removable loss of data. Can be done remotely

Data Recovery

Recover and save any lost data including documents and pictures even if your computer isn’t turning on

System Repair/Tune-up

Computer Repair and Tune-up including removal of viruses, adware, and trojan, system updates, and speed increase

Laptop/PC Hardware Repair

New hard drive, RAM, video card, etc.

Diagnostic Testing/Consulting

Complete PC diagnostic testing including an in-depth report of the current health and estimated life expectancy of your computer. If additional services are needed they can be done remotely


Computer/System Training

Firewall, Network Security, or Cyber Security setup

Home Office Installation/Set up

New Installation or initial setup of computers, software, printers, email accounts, and networks

Advanced Multifunctional Printer Installation

Driver installation, Network connection, System Connection, Print from your Phone

Operating System Formatting

Fresh installation of operating system. For a fresh start, to solve system errors, or blue screen we recommend a new installation of your operating system to get things running smoothly again. We can also backup and restore your files after

Advanced Router/Firewall/Network/Security Setup

Firewall, Network Security, or Cyber Security setup