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Ketra Lighting Design: Lighting That Feels Natural

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Natural light defines the rhythm of our lives. Before electricity was used to illuminate space, the human day was organized around the availability of sunlight. Nowadays, we have artificial light and lighting control. We know that artificial lighting is not the same as natural light. What if I told you that it could be with the right lighting design?

What if there is a lighting control product that can mimic natural light throughout the day? What if artificial white light can be tunable lighting? That changes everything!

With the right lighting design you can even make a basement office feel as if you have a window. Natural light transforms during the day. So why do we mainly use static artificial lighting?

Once you understand and see the possibilities of Ketra Lighting products, there’s no turning back. You may be an architect, an interior designer, or a person looking for a good light source in your home. Ketra Lighting is the solution.

Experience the Power of Tunable Light

Newton discovered that white light is made up of colors. The appearance of an object is related to the light shone upon it. But what this discovery has to do with tunable lighting? I will explain that to you using one word: everything.

We have a yellow incandescent bulb and blueish LED light and both are considered white light. Ketra lighting gives you the option to dial in color temperatures. With all that being said – Ketra uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with the ability to tune white lights in real-time.

Why You Need Tunable Lights

By utilizing tunable lights, you can change the entire look and feel of the space to match your current mood, emotions, and moments. It gives you the flexibility to create the right feeling for the occasion.

I will use commercial office and kitchen dining areas as examples. Let’s talk about commercial space first. Organizations hire people so they can work together as a team towards a common goal. Behind every successful business stands motivated, focused employees. As the organization’s owner, you want to ensure employees are satisfied so that they can be efficient. That can only happen in a good lighting environment. Thanks to tunable lights, employees can have a purpose-centered workspace. The creative team will need warm lighting in one area to encourage relaxation and creativity. In a room where you present your services or product to the client, invigorating cool lighting that will energize the client is more desirable. After all, you want to keep the client focused and excited. Ketra lighting allows for providing desirable brightness and color temperature.

This solution will also work perfectly in your home. I will use the kitchen dining area as an example. Remember, everyone utilizes each space differently. You wake up in the morning, go to your kitchen, and take the first sip of your favorite morning beverage. You want to be energized and get ready for the day. As coffee will increase your energy level, you also need lighting to help your brain wake up. You’ve probably noticed the difference between your energy level on a rainy, foggy morning and a sunny morning. When the light is bright, you feel sharp and prepared for every challenge, but when you see a dark sky and get a grey dose of light in the first few minutes of your day, you feel sleepy. That’s how our body depends on the lighting. Ketra lighting can be adjusted to match your day’s routine. The right light can awaken every cell of your brain.

The morning is only one of many times you will utilize this space during the day. What if you prepare your meal, and your kid wants to do homework in the kitchen? You will both need different lighting. I have said that many times, but I will use the phrase again – Ketra Lighting is the solution. You can adjust the lighting to give your kids the right amount of lighting so they can finish their homework, and at the same time, lights over your head, where you prepare a meal, can be adjusted on a different level. To make you feel cozy but still be able to see your countertop. And this is not only about tunable light. It’s also possible due to “no zones” technology.

Ketra is Smart Lighting. No Zones Required

What does it mean to not require zones? You’ve heard about smart homes, but I assure you, this is different. It’s about more than just setting the scenes by pressing one button. With a standard lighting system the engineer defines the zone for each line when the building is being built. So you have a switch or dimmer that controls pre-defined sets of lights within the space. With Ketra lighting, you can decide on zoning at the end of the construction process. And even when you already know which lights you want to control together, you can change your mind, and (that’s the best part) there is no need to change electric wiring. Each Ketra lamp has its own processor. Therefore, each light can be assigned to the zone you currently need.

If you decide to change the purpose of the space, feel free. You already saved money on re-wiring and your new lighting design. You can adapt the lighting as a space evolves. It’s just that simple. No need for new controls either. And I have another piece of news. Ketra tunable lighting can be implemented in both wired and wireless configurations.

Tunable White & Ketra

Many manufacturers sell tunable white lights. Ketra represents not only white light but can reproduce a full-color spectrum. That gives you infinite possibilities to create natural-feeling light in your space.

Ketra Lighting Capabilities

  • Full spectrum light that is tunable. Ketra Lighting covers 16.7 million colors. That includes pastels, high CRI whites (from 1,400 K to 10,000 K), and saturated colors.
  • Natural Light: that can be seamlessly scheduled to shift with the daylight. The power of natural light can be brought to the building.
  • Natural dimming. Black Body curve and mimics incandescent experiences – dimming to 0.01% and 1 400K will deliver the candle’s flame temperature.
  • Vibrancy, the very first technology in the industry, manipulates the spectral power distribution of white light to reveal an actual and vivid color of a piece of art.

Ketra Summary

Ketra Lighting is tunable, fully customizable, and has beautiful LED lighting. It gives you an endlessly inspiring high-definition color palette from 1,400 K to 10,000 K. This is tunable lighting in every imaginable way. Ketra Lighting products create natural light from firelight to bright morning to twilight. It gives you over 16 million choices, which is a lot even for the pickiest person.

Patrycja Glod

Lighting Design Engineer

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