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Lutron HomeWorks unlocks the best in Lighting control and shades control available today. With Lutron’s full suite of luxury lighting systems and motorized window treatments, you’ll need the right control system to make your home runs smoothly. With Lutron HomeWorks you add a robust suite of features that not only allow you to easily control your home, but can save you money on your energy bills as well. With Lutron HomeWorks, control of your motorized shades and lighting design is as easy as going on the Lutron app or accessing a Lutron HomeWorks keypad or Lutron HomeWorks panel. 

Lighting Control

Lighting control with Lutron HomeWorks puts control of your lighting fixtures right into the palm of our hand. With Lutron HomeWorks you are able to turn on, turn off, and dim your lights individually or all together in order to create the precise ambiance you are looking for every time. With Lutron HomeWorks you can even create presets called “scenes” to get that exact lighting you desire right from your custom preset on the app or with custom engraved keypads. When you’re ready to party, relax, or have a nice romantic dinner, setting the right mood is only a tap away. Going on vacation and can’t decide if the lighting fixtures being on or off will make your home appear more secure? With Lutron HomeWorks you can enable a vacation mode that mimics your daily lighting patterns to make it appear that you are still at home!

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Lutron Homeworks Dealer NYC

Automated Shades

Wrestling with non-motorized shade cords and contorting your body to reach difficult shades are things of the past once you add a Lutron HomeWorks system to your home. With Lutron HomeWorks you can gain control of all of your home’s motorized shades with ease and never have to worry about opening or closing that difficult skylight shade again. With Lutron HomeWorks you can take your shades to another level of convenience and set them to open and close with the sunrise and sunset or sync them to lighting scenes to get the exact level of both natural and artificial light you desire. Privacy has never been easier to control than with motorized window treatments and Lutron HomeWorks.

Energy Savings

So you may be wondering how the lighting control and motorized shades control of Lutron HomeWorks can help you reduce your energy usage. With Lutron HomeWorks you can make changes on the go and set your home to maintain your optimal temperature by programming your motorized shades to open and close to allow or block out the sun at different times of the year in order to gain heat in the winter and reduce the sun’s influence in the summer. With Lutron HomeWorks you’re in control of your home and enjoy convenient access right from your phone!

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