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At Audio Video Invasion we are the top destination for your Lutron RadioRA 3 New York Installation! As your trusted Lutron dealer and installer, Audio Video Invasion is excited to introduce you to the world of home automation and lighting control. Transform your living space into a smart, efficient, and refined environment with the power of Lutron RadioRA 3.

Why Choose Lutron RadioRA 3?

Unparalleled Convenience: Lutron RadioRA 3 lighting control is designed to simplify your daily life. Say goodbye to fumbling for light switches in the dark or manually adjusting non-motorized shades throughout the day. With Lutron RadioRA 3, you can effortlessly manage your lighting control, motorized shades, and temperature control from the palm of your hand, keypads or via voice commands.

Seamless Integration: This advanced system seamlessly integrates with many of your existing smart home devices, offering a truly connected experience. Whether you’re using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or other popular platforms, Lutron RadioRA 3 ensures compatibility and seamless operation.

Customizable Lighting Scenes: Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with customized lighting scenes. From a cozy movie night to a lively party, Lutron RadioRA 3 lets you set the mood effortlessly. You can even schedule scenes to activate automatically, making it seem like you’re home even when you’re not.

Energy Efficiency: Save energy and reduce utility costs with Lutron RadioRA 3. The system intelligently manages your lighting controlmotorized shades, and thermostat to maximize natural light and minimize unnecessary energy consumption. It’s not just a smart choice for your lifestyle, it’s a smart choice for the environment.

Enhanced Security: Illuminate your home when you’re away, giving the impression of an occupied house and enhancing your security. You can program lights to turn on and off at specific times or control them remotely to deter potential intruders.


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Lutron Palladiom Keypad

Lutron RadioRA 3 offers a range of stylish and intuitive keypads to enhance your control experience. Some of the keypads compatible with the system include:

Palladiom: Elevate your interior design with the Palladiom keypad’s sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Palladioms customizable buttons allow you to control your lighting design, motorized shades, and temperature with ease.

Architectural: The Architectural keypad combines beauty and functionality. It’s available in a variety of finishes and configurations, making it a perfect fit for any decor.

SeeTouch: The SeeTouch keypad offers a classic design with user-friendly buttons. Its backlit labels ensure effortless navigation in low-light conditions.

Make your New York home a beacon of modernity, convenience, and efficiency with Lutron RadioRA 3. As your trusted local Lutron dealer and installer, we are here to guide you through the process, from selection to installation, ensuring you get the most out of this exceptional lighting control system.

Discover lighting control in the heart of New York. Call us today at 516-345-2636 to schedule a consultation and experience the magic of Lutron RadioRA 3 for yourself.