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Control4 Home Automation – Solutions for Architects, Builders, and Designers

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With each project, it doesn’t matter whether you are involved with the design, build or finish, the ultimate goal is a satisfied and happy client. This is achieved through a healthy combination of both quality work and an offering of features to help differentiate the project and put it over the top. A smart home adds an extra layer of comfort and can even enhance the design of a project. This is where Control4 comes in. Control4 offers a complete home automation system that can eliminate wall acne and connect the entire project right into the customers hand.

The Control4 system doesn’t just offer control but adds connectivity to add an additional layer of convenience. In addition these systems bring all of the components into a central rack or closet so there is no need to have each and every device on display, giving you a cleaner looking finished product.

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Offer Your Buyers More with Control4

With the system the homeowners can set a morning sequence that replaces an alarm clock with the shades opening, lights slowing illuminating, and the news coming onto the tv. They can even set paths for all lights to come on as they walk through the hallways and turn them off as they get to the end. These integrations don’t only create conveniences but they enhance daily experiences within the home or business.

Like ourselves at Audio Video Invasion, Control4 is an established player in the Home Automation marketplace and has been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes and business globally. As a Diamond Level Dealer and Pinnacle Dealer we’ll build the perfect system for your build from design to installation and integration. We even wire for all of our components to make the process easy. Just tell us what we need and we’ll build a system to bring your project over the finish line. These home automation systems can manage and integrate everything from audio, TVs, projection systems, lighting, shades, smart locks, climate control, cameras, sensors, intercoms, doorbells, garage doors, and so much more. This ease of control is quickly becoming an expectation for many customers rather than an added feature.

Why Adding Home Automation Helps You

Increase the value of your project without stressing your workforce. Our integrators will prewire, wire, and install all audio visual and home automation components in tandem with your crew. For our project at the Sagamore with Domus Group we are able to coordinate with the builders to prewire each home sold with the base home automation package offered. This with the ability to meet with the new homeowners allows us to make the home truly theirs from day one with all added home automation features they want. This is all done without having to cut into the brand new walls, which can cause delays and more work for a builder. Getting involved early allows us to provide a clean, smooth offering of additional services without the added time or expenses. We also offer incentives to builders and developers to strengthen the relationship and help make the additional features a win-win for everyone.

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Invisible speakers, wall speakers, outdoor speakers, all can be seamlessly integrated into a Control4 system. Control one room, several or all rooms in the home right from a smart phone, tablet, or Control4 remote. They home automation system easily integrates with built in speakers or even most wireless speakers providing the complete control over where it plays. Playlists can even be programmed in tandem with lighting to easily set the mood for any occasion.


No need for a different remote to control each component of a TV or Home Theater systems. Just use one remote or a smart phone to watch movies, even program it to put on some lights when pausing the movie to safely navigate out of the room.


Do walls need to be covered in individual switches to control every light in the house, or would one panel give both more control and eliminate the need for all of the switches. No longer will customers forget which switch does what or have to suffer from wall acne. The Control4 keypads and tablets can offer more robust control with a cleaner, more modern looking design. This same control can also be had right from your smart phone or tablet. The modules for these lights are hidden away in a closet or rack so there is no need for them to be seen on a daily basis.


Shades that are easily controlled from anywhere with the Control4 app or touchpads in the home. They can be programmed to open or close at different times to save on energy costs in both the summer and winter. Who knew your shades could be so smart and efficient?

Smart Locks

Anyone who isn’t sure if they locked their front door knows the anxiety that comes with it. This will be a thing of the past for your clients since they can check right from their smart phone and lock all locks with the press of a button. This can even be done to open the garage for deliveries and close it right behind them.

Climate Control

Control one or all areas of the home using any touch screen or smart phone from anywhere. The Intuitive system can even be preset to turn on when leaving for work or put it into vacation mode for easy energy conservation.


What good are cameras if you can’t see what’s on them? The homeowner can see what’s going on at the house from anywhere and even get notifications when someone comes home. While working on the home these can also be used to keep the property secure.


Wouldn’t it be great if you were warned right when there’s a leak in the home or something goes wrong? Just as useful for the home owner or builder in case something gets damaged while the home is being built.


HD Video Intercoms with audio from any touch screen or your smart phone to communicate with any room, area, doorbell, or equipped front gate of the home.

Still Not Sold?

Add piece of mind and added comfort to your next project with a Control4 System. Your buyers will see the benefits of these additions the minute they walk in the door and it can set your project a bar above your competition. At AVI we are a Pinnacle Control4 Dealer and are a Diamond Level Control4 Dealer who design, install, and integrate home automation systems. Our technicians are highly trained to get your next project done on time and on budget.  Call today for schedule a free consultation: 516-345-2636

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