Motorized Window Treatments

Why Smart Blinds or Smart Shades?

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Halfway through your build and noticing the light shines differently than you expected? Do you have a high window or skylight that is beautifully designed but blinds you a few hours a day? Want just the right amount of light at different times of the day? How about saving some money on heating and cooling your home? These problems and many more can be solved with just the press of a button, your smart device, or even the sound of your voice.

What exactly are smart blinds?

Whether you’re looking for smart blinds or smart shades, sometimes we all need some privacy from the sun or our neighbors. This used to be a very manual process that would sometimes require a bit of climbing or awkward angles to get to those hard to reach shades, but now that frustration is a thing of the past thanks to motorized blinds. Luckily there are automatic shades that can be controlled from your phone, a keypad, or home automation system. No need to suffer from that blinding mid day glare from your skylight when it can be shaded with a voice command or tap of a button. You can even program scenes for your automatic blinds to open or close on different windows at different times of the day or situations.

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But I like the way mine look

Whatever kind you currently have, convenience is always in style. And when it comes to style, motorized blinds come in plenty of materials, colors, and types to fit any preference. So many that each brand has several of their own books full of options! And if you don’t find the exact color you want, many options can even be made in custom colors for the perfect match!

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These aren’t just drop down motorized roller shades (also an option if that’s what you want, though) and we use styles including both vertical and horizontal blinds, honeycomb shades, roman shades, sheers, blackout, shutters, side panels, drapery systems, and all of the latest the industry has to offer.

Materials include everything from sustainably sourced wood and natural fibers, metal, and various fabrics, many of which can be custom printed or stained.

We work with industry leaders such as Lutron, Crestron, Hunter Douglas, and others to give your home or workplace just what it needs to complete the room. All of these systems are quiet and integrate perfectly with your home automation system.

They’re Green Machines

You might be wondering how electrifying a once manual system would actually save energy, right? These smart shade systems do what we can’t, open and close when we aren’t there or paying attention. Just set and forget as your automated blinds can automatically open in the winter to let in more sun or close in the summer to keep it out, which reduces your heating and cooling expenses. They can even sync with your location to open and close with the sunrise and sunset.

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More Subtle Security

Have you ever been an hour into a road trip and realized you left the blinds wide open? Just open the app, press close, and you have nothing to worry about as your motorized shades provide instant privacy. Even better, you can set your system to vacation mode and have your shades open and close so no one can even tell you are gone. These motorized shades are built to integrate seamlessly with home automation systems as well!

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