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Outdoor Speakers & Outdoor TVs: Gamechangers for Fully Enjoying Your Back Yard This Summer

Outdoor Speakers NYC

Summer is calling, but can you hear it? Is your New York back yard equipped with the best outdoor speaker system and outdoor tv to spend time outside all summer long? At Audio Video Invasion we design custom outdoor av solutions that help you enjoy the nice weather to it’s fullest. We build custom wired outdoor av systems and outdoor Bluetooth speakers for your pool, patio, or rooftop to provide a truly rewarding experience all summer long. We are dealers and installers for top outdoor speaker brands like Sonos, Architettura Sonora, Sonance, Episode, and outdoor tv brands including Seura, Sunbrite, and Samsung to bring you the ultimate outdoor experience this summer. We’re even running a 20% off outdoor entertainment sale but act fast because it won’t last! Call us at 516-345-2636 to speak with an outdoor speaker specialist today!

Outdoor Audio

Music and summer go hand in hand, and that’s why you need an outdoor speaker system that can be heard throughout your entire outdoor area. At Audio Video Invasion we build and install outdoor speaker systems of every size including everything from smaller wireless outdoor speakers and outdoor Bluetooth speakers to yard encompassing wired landscape outdoor speaker solutions. With Audio Video Invasion you will get an expert outdoor speaker specialist who will work with you to build the perfect system for your yard. We design and install systems for top outdoor speaker brands including Sonos outdoor, Sonance, Episode, and even luxury speaker brands like Architettura Sonora, and more to offer you the best outdoor speakers for your space. Whether you want your outdoor speakers to be hidden or featured, we have an outdoor speaker system for you.

Outdoor TVs

 Having the right outdoor tv is a game changer for the sports fan or anyone else who wants to feel a breeze while watching their favorite show or movie. With an outdoor tv you gain the ability to fight the glare and actually be able to see what’s on the screen in front of you from your pool or patio. With a weatherproof outdoor tv you have a tv that is designed to face the elements all year long, offering peace of mind in the rain, snow, or blazing sun. These waterproof tvs can also be installed right near a pool since they feature waterproofing even for your connected devices in a sealed compartment. AT Audio Video Invasion we are dealers for the best outdoor tv manufacturers in the business including Seura, Sunbrite, and Samsung to bring you the perfect option for your back yard all year long.

Ready to upgrade? Don’t wait for the summer to fly by, give us a call at 516-345-2636 to get started on your back yard transformation now!

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Outdoor Audio Video