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Why your Back Yard Needs an Outdoor TV

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Indoor TV, Outdoor TV…What’s the Difference?

While some people may feel that any quality TV will perform just as well wherever they put it, they may not have tried viewing it in the summer sun where an outdoor TV thrives. A cover over a regular TV may seem like a good idea but it does not protect it from everything that can cause it to fail the way an outdoor TV does. Just think about the last time you looked at your phone on a bright summer day and couldn’t see the screen, an indoor TV is essentially just a large cell phone with brightness levels meant for indoor levels of sun exposure, while an outdoor TV has the brightness to compete with the summer sun.

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Outdoor TV Construction

The harsh sun and snow completely change the game for TVs. There’s a reason outdoor TVs have self-contained heating and cooling systems to regulate whatever temperature mother nature throws at them. And that’s not even their biggest threat. These Outdoor TVs are built to resist moisture from the rain to a splash from your pool to the morning dew. As cool summer nights can cause condensation to build up on your standard TV, having a waterproof TV prevents the havoc this moisture can wreak on your indoor TV. Indoor TVs used as outdoor TVs rarely make it through a year fully intact regardless of how well you take care of them due to the elements and temperature swings.  An outdoor television is fully sealed without traditional TV venting so that no water or insects can make their way into the TV to cause damage. Some of these outdoor TVs are even designed to be up to 2500 nits, which is a measurement of brightness, and is more than 8x as bright as the average indoor television that are usually between 250 and 300 nits.

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Indoor TV Construction

Indoor TVs are built to handle the elements within your home with regulated temperatures, lack of moisture, and a low level of direct sunlight. This often means they have a screen designed to perform best in a dark room or without much of a glare interfering with the viewability. Therefore, the housing of these TVs is made of a thin plastic with many openings designed to vent any excess heat away from the TV and have very open, easily accessible ports for plugging in your media devices.

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Weatherproofing That Really Works

They really thought of everything with these outdoor TVs. Want to hook up a streaming stick or media to the TV? These waterproof TVs have specially sealed compartments that are easily accessible by you but keep the moisture and elements out. They even have channels for the wires to make their way out and keep that seal and waterproofing intact. Outdoor TVs also come in different brightness levels to be just right for the level of sunlight they will be viewed in.

Ever Leave Your Electronics Outside?

One thing you may not have thought of is the possibility of something wanting to call you indoor TV home. With plenty of vents and spaces to crawl into, indoor TVs kept outside pose a risk of infestation, which is just one more way for them to be damaged. Just think, with a cover you’re putting a roof over the standard TV providing comfort and a great place for insects to call home. Couple that with the tight spaces so many of them prefer to build their nests and you’re almost asking for it. Outdoor TVs however are sealed and contain interior heating and cooling systems to provide protection from everything that may want to call it home or threaten its lifespan.

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They Can Actually Save Me Money?

When looking in the long term these outdoor TVs are built to last and survive even the harshest conditions. That being said, their indoor counterparts are only as good as the environment you keep them in. On average an indoor TV being used outside lasts one summer season if you’re lucky. This is because all it takes is one fast moving thunderstorm or one night of forgetting to cover it for it to be taken by mother nature. Even if you take good care of it there is a good chance moisture will still damage it. Outdoor TVs laugh at the thought of rain and are built to seal out all moisture and even keep any insects from trying to call it home. These Outdoor TVs start at comparable prices to indoor TVs at under $2,000 and vary in brightness depending on the location you will be installing it.  One TV will last for years and most are backed by 2 year manufacturers warranties to make sure they will go the distance for years to come.

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