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At AVI, we specialize in recessed lighting installation and upgrading. If you’re planning a remodel, renovation, or new construction project in New York City or Long Island, we can provide you with recessed lighting solutions that are  compact and versatile. Our team of highly trained and experienced recessed lighting designers, installers and electricians can assist you in determining the best fit for your home, including the appropriate number of lights and spacing for optimal lighting ergonomics. Whether you require recessed lighting installation, retrofits, or encounter any issues in NYC and Long Island, feel free to contact us at (416) 425-1200.

Recessed lighting goes by many names but the style and utility of downlight leds are well known in nearly ever home. Whether you call them recessed lighting, pot lights, canned lights, downlights, or high hat lights, you know that their low profile can add all the light you need to a room.

At Audio Video Invasion we are seasoned recessed lighting installers and have an in-house  lighting designer to help you choose the correct recessed ceiling lights and lighting design to make your home or business shine.  We have partnered with premium lighting brands including Lutron, Liteline, DMF Lighting, Delta, Wac Lighting, and more to offer you the best lighting fixtures the industry has to offer. We are also dealers and installers for lighting control brands like Control4, Crestron, and Lutron to put the control of your lighting right in the palm of your hand.

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These flush fitting lights may look similar but different types can transform a room in several ways:


The trim is the part of the recessed lighting that is most visible and is available in a variety of styles, each designed to deliver light differently to a space. These include trimless, gimbals, baffle, and reflector trims. Trimless recessed lights offer a popular clean, flush look that provide a high end feel. Gimbals are a bit more complex as they allow you to take more control of your recessed light by choosing the direction that the beam will shine in and creating different effects within a space. Baffled trims reduce excess glare by absorbing light. Reflector trims are used to expand the light beam offering additional light from your recessed downlights.  

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While the majority of led recessed lighting looks very similar, the right housing can make all of the difference within your space. The housing you choose for your high hat lights will be mainly impacted by the location it is being installed in as there are different options rated for different environments. There are IC rated Insulated downlight led housings that can be in contact with insulation directly, whereas housings that are not IC rated must have a more space between the recessed ceiling housing and the insulation. When choosing recessed ceiling lights you must also consider the airflow between the ceiling and what is above it. You don’t want to create a draft between your attic and living space, which is why many high hat lights housings are air tight, or AT rated to limit the amount of air exchanged through the housing. This helps with energy efficiency by sealing the different areas of your home or business. There are also wafer lights that do not require a housing and are easily installed in areas that don’t provide much space to work with in the ceiling.

Is recessed lighting the right fit for your next lighting project? Call us today at 516-345-2636 to speak with our lighting designer to get started on your next residential, corporate, or commercial lighting installation.

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