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The Difference a Smart Home Company Makes

Have you ever thought about how long it takes you to find all of the remotes needed to start your movie, get up to turn on and off your lights, manually adjust your shades, or make sure your doors are all locked? You may be thinking that these things only take a few minutes to complete, but wouldn’t you like to have some extra time added into your day, every day, to do something you’d actually like to do? This is where smart home companies and installers come in. With a smart home or home automation system these menial and repetitive tasks can be done with the tap of a button on your phone or even be programmed to happen automatically at a time of your choosing. And you don’t even need to be home to check on these things or make adjustments either. Serving the Long Island, and New York City areas, Audio Video Invasion designs and builds custom smart home systems to add convenience and value to your home experience.

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What Smart Home Companies Really Do

You may have heard of smart home technology but what does that really mean? You can read all about the difference between Smart Devices and Home Automation here, but to sum it up quickly you can integrate an Alexa enabled device into a Smart Home System but an Alexa on its own doesn’t make your home much smarter. Smart Home Installation consists of custom design based on your personal needs with wiring, placement, and testing to ensure your system works as intended. Many of these systems are also built to be expanded upon with the ability to control other parts of your home from the same interface or app. So while you may only want to control your lights today you can also add control of your audio, visual, CCTV, door locks, shades, and more at any time. These intuitively designed systems such as Control4 and Crestron work flawlessly with many industry favorite brands and even some devices you may already have.   

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When is the Best Time to Install a Smart Home System?

Let’s start with saying there is never a bad time to integrate smart home features into your home. Their functions and capabilities create an instant upgrade to your space and the benefits are seen a soon as you open the app, play around with your touch panel, or remote.  These features can be installed at any time, but some integrations require wire to be run throughout parts of your home. Our expert technicians are trained to do this with the least amount of impact to your existing walls but some small repairs may be needed. The best time to add these features is when your walls are open during a new build or renovation. This allows for everything to be fully integrated without any impact to your existing space or construction schedule. You can even prewire other parts of your home that you may not want to add smart home features to today but will be more of a plug and play application if you decide to add them in the future.

Interested in Smart Home Installation? Audio Video Invasion is a Smart Home Company specializing in home automation and all of your Audio and Visual needs. Located in Long Island, and also serving the New York Metro area. Talk to one of our experienced Smart Home and Audio Visual Systems Designers today for more info: 516-345-2636

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