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With Brilliant smart home technology, homeowners, families, and visitors can easily manage lighting, doorbells, locks, cameras, music, climate, intercom, scenes, and more thanks to the Brilliant in-wall lighting and control system. Any home or apartment can be converted into a user-friendly smart home thanks to its simple installation and integration with the leading brands across all smart home categories.

Brilliant Smart Home NY

Looking to turn your New York or Long Island  home into a smart home? With Brilliant home automation you can enter the exciting world of  affordable smart home solutions and gain control of your home with ease. Brilliant  is designed to consolidate all of your smart devices under one convenient system and app!  Priced to be installed in every home, Brilliant can affordably control your lights, smart devices, and automate your daily life.  

SO why Do You Need Brilliant Smart Home Automation?

Brilliant is a simple home automation system to add smart features to your home. With keypads designed to fit any electrical box from a single switch to a four switch group and not requiring any special wiring, Brilliant smart home is a great choice for those with an already finished space or hesitant to run additional wiring.

Brilliant Integrates with your Life

These days we all have more devices than we can keep count of. That’s why Brilliant works with dozens of popular smart home products to bring everything under one convenient system. These include Alexa and Google Assistant for those who want to use voice controls, and popular brands like Hunter Douglas, Sonos, Lutron, Ring, and many others to bring your whole home under one convenient ecosystem. Unlike many other home automation systems, Brilliant  doesn’t require custom programming, which can add to the cost and make it more difficult to service. With a Brilliant smart home system configuration and integration is simplified, which makes it faster and less laborious to install, saving you money right up front.

Brilliant works with a wide range of smart home products.

brilliant smart home integrations

Affordable Smart Home Solutions

Get the Smart Home you've Dreamed of

Brilliant smart home integration  simplifies your life with an easy solution to bring all of your smart devices under a single control system. The intuitive and easy to use design at an affordable price point, Brilliant home automation is the smart home solution you’ve been looking for. 

Are you ready to add automation to your home? Add features like:

Lighting Control

Control your lights from anywhere with a convenient app and touch panels. Set scenes with just the right amount of lighting and activate them with just a tap while you’re home or on the go.

Climate Control

Change the temperature in your home or business with ease for optimal comfort. You can even set the temperature while you aren’t home so that your optimal temperature will be reached as you arrive to save on energy costs.

Shades Control

Control your motorized shades right from your couch or while you’re away. With shades control those high shades or skylights have never been easier to open or close right from the convenient app or touch panels.


Access your security system while at home or on the go for added peace of mind. Add your security cameras, security system, and more right to the Brilliant app for easy and secure access.