Have you thought about your windows when adding your Corporate AV system? Have you considered window film to complete your meeting room or office? Whether you need added functionality or style, we’ve got you and your windows covered! And not every window film is created the same. At Audio Video Invasion we are happy to offer several window film technologies to keep you working at your best with added style and features.  
Privacy Window Film Long Island

Added Safety & Security

Inclement weather, thieves, and disaster are no match for our line of 3M Safety & Security Films. With window film solutions to minimize and control damage your windows will not only look great but have added protection. These security window films are up to code and strong enough to keep glass shards from entering your business, even from the blast of a bomb or natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. No need to board up your windows, these window films will help keep broken glass form entering your home. And those trying to force their way into your business will face an equally challenging threat as our window films keep broken glass from creating gaps that they may enter through. Window films also come in versions designed to easily remove graffiti from your windows to keep them looking clean and clear day in and day out.

Office Privacy

The days of the glass walled office are here and don’t seem to be going anywhere. But not every meeting is meant to be shared with the whole office. Our privacy window films can help you achieve your desired level of privacy within your office with our line of privacy window film solutions. With everything from custom made graphics like logos to tried and true designs and effects, there is a window film solution for you. These window films can be added to any portion of your windows or glass walls to flawlessly match they style of your office. We also install special window films like our Casper cloaking film that appears clear to the outside but make tvs and screens appear off to those walking by. This means not having to worry about the wrong person seeing  your sensitive data being presented as they walk by your meeting room.

Security Window Film New York

Energy Savings

While sunlight can be very useful in some ways, driving up cooling costs and causing a glare on your screen are not helpful. With Night vision window films reflective properties, sunlight will be reflected back outside to minimize up to 71% of heat gain while still allowing 15-35% of your natural light to enter. This will greatly help your cooling costs and enhance your privacy. It also offers the best of both worlds with giving you a clear view of outside without seeing your reflection at night while also making it difficult for others to see inside.

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