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An automated home seemed to be a thing of the future and somewhat of a luxury for most people but not anymore.

Home automation companies and consumers alike are quickly adapting to the new standard of living within a home where Home Automation Systems are managing a variety of tasks including Lighting Control, Climate Control, Security Systems, custom audio visual systems and bring them all together within a single unified interface at the fingertips of the owner.

AVI is an award-winning home automation company, SONOS Silver Dealer, and an Authorized Diamond Control 4 Dealer located in the heart of Long Island, serving New York City and the Long Island area for over 15 years and over 5000 clients.

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What Exactly Is A Home Automation System?

The ability to automate various systems in your home defines a home automation installation.

  • Imagine getting home after dark and your exterior lights are already turned on based on Daylight Savings with just the right level of dimming.
  • Drive up your driveway and by opening your garage door, the interior lights are set on to a path setting to illuminate your path from the garage to the kitchen and the bedrooms.
  • As you approach your destination, with a push of a button on a keypad by the entry, a series of events take place such as the lights set to a desirable setting, the speakers begin playing your favorite Pandora station and the temperature in the area adjusts to a desirable setting.

These are just an example of how Home Automation Systems can bring together multiple elements of living comfort and enable you to just enjoy the moment instead of you spending effort and time to initiate them!

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Elevate Your Living

Home Automation Design & Installation

Our home automation system installations include, but are not limited to, easily accessible and operational intelligent lighting control, climate control, secure smart home surveillance systems, brilliant home audio distribution, and high-definition video output. 

Using premier equipment and systems like Creston or Control 4, AVI ensures not only a high-level of service but provides you with the ultimate home automation system experience.

Investing in the luxury of a smart home system with an award-winning home automation system contractor will ensure seamless design and installation.  

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Luxury Meets Value

Why Choose Us

Unlike a lot of other companies in the industry that added home automation services to their portfolio over time, AVI is a home automation company that was founded from day 1 to provide top quality system design and installation. Our mission statement is “Luxury Meets Value” and we have always strived to provide value engineered solutions for all budgets and needs.

As a smart home consultant in the industry for 16 years and over 20 years of experience, we will provide a sophisticated smart home design tailored to your needs.

We also work with home owners, contractors, developers, and architects to develop a personalized smart home design for your new custom home.

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