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Motorized Shades & Automatic Window Treatments

Smart Shades For Your Home - Installation & Design

Motorized Shades or Smart Shades are the perfect money saving investment to add to your home. Transform any window with Motorized Shades that are not only aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and have a quiet sophisticated design, but are also a money saving investment.  

AVI is an award-winning provider of residential, commercial, and corporate automation for over 20 years in the New York City and Long Island region and a trusted provider of automated shades which can be integrated right into your existing smart home system.

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Motorized Shades Benefits

Adding motorized or remote control shades benefits you in many ways from elevating your rooms design and adding that wow factor to your modern abode to reducing your carbon footprint. 

Shades and Blinds automation benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Energy Control Lets you reduce energy bills and provides additional climate control so you can turn down the AC on a warm summer day and let down the blinds to keep cool.
  • Automation Technology Gives you an automated option to illuminate your rooms with natural sunlight or quietly create a darkened room without awakening your sleeping baby with a tap on your phone.
  • Provide Added Privacy Receive instant privacy with the tap of a button, even if you aren’t at home.
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Beyond The Convenience

Motorized Shades Features

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What you can expect with an AVI Smart Shades Consultation

AVI consultants will come to your New York City or Long Island residence to discuss various options of motorized shades.

We only use premium products to provide you with the best results.  With us you can choose from Hunter Douglas, Lutron, or Crestron motorized shades.

In your consultation we will go over

  • Types of installation, whether you want an inside or outside mounted shade
  • If you want to build open, sealed, or exposed pockets or choose a valance
  • Reverse or standard roll motorization
  • Whether you want ultimate privacy with black out or want to let the sun peep through with translucent fabrics, there are numerous fabric options available to choose from
  • We will lend you fabric sample books so you can find the perfect fabric and color for your application.

When you are ready to take the next step, we can provide preliminary measurements for a reimbursable fee with your purchase of a Motorized Shades system.

If you’re looking for luxurious motorized shades look no further than Lutron. With carefully crafted designs in all of the colors, fabrics, and styles you can think of, Lutron motorized shades are the answer to add style and convenience to your shades. With options ranging from sleek aluminum to battery operated, there are Lutron shades for any construction or retrofit. You can use their native app and controls or add them to your preferred automation system like Control4 or Crestron with ease. 

Your home may already be running on a Crestron home automation system so why not complete the system with motorized shades designed to work with it? Available in all of the styles, colors, and fabrics you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with Crestron shades! Crestron shades are the convenience option to pair seamlessly with your Crestron keypads, touch panels, and app.  

One of the largest names in shades has taken over the motorized shades market. Hunter Douglas offers multiple textures, colors, and styles, these smart shades are ready to upgrade every window in your home. Not ready to motorize all of your shades just yet? With Hunter Douglas shades you can even install their non-motorized shades and add the shades control later. With Hunter Douglas shades you’ll get the value and functionality you’re looking for.