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Which Motorized Shades are Right for You?

Smart Motorized Shades Long Island NY

In the world of motorized shades there are three major players, Lutron, Hunter Douglas, and Crestron, but how do you decide on which smart shades are right for you? Each brand of motorized shades has their advantages and can be custom made for any window you may have. At Audio Video Invasion we are Authorized Lutron Dealers, Crestron Dealers, and Hunter Douglas Dealers with an on-site Shades Specialist ready to help you choose the best electric shades for your home or business.

What all Motorized Shades Do

Before we get into what sets different brands apart, we’ll quickly touch upon the main reasons why adding motorized shades to your home is a great idea. Crestron, Lutron, and Hunter Douglas smart shades all share many advantages for your home.


Your motorized shades under your control, at just the tap of a button is what we all crave. Whether they’re high shades or around the house they are all yours to control with a simple app, keypads, or with your control system. Smart shades even integrate easily into your system for simultaneous functionality.

Energy Savings

Motorized blinds offer a great chance for energy savings with the use of timers and easy control. With the convenient standalone apps or integration with a home automation system these smart shades can open and close with the sun to keep it out of your home when it is hot outside or allow more light inside when it is cold to help naturally keep your home cooler or warmer. 


Motorized shades come in all of the same styles and types that you’ve grown to love. Whether motorized Roman shades, wood automated blinds, or motorized curtains are your favorite, there is a motorized shade or blind for you!


For seamless integration with your Crestron Automation system there is no better choice than Crestron Shades. Crestron shades demonstrate the high standards you may know from their products for home or business settings and their Quiet Motion Technology for silent, brushless, operation.  Crestron also offers Color Matching with a pantone color code or physical sample for that prefect shade you’re looking for. 


At Lutron they focus on the way light makes you feel so naturally, Lutron motorized shades and blinds bring a sophisticated look and style to any room. With premium options like Lutron Palladiom Shades, made with hand finished aluminum brackets and whisper quiet movement, these shades add a touch of style to any room. They’re even available in both wired and wireless versions.

Hunter Douglas

As a long-standing player in the shades and blinds industry, Hunter Douglas has exploded onto the motorized shades scene as smart home automation has continued to grow. With thoughtful design they have even made many of their non-motorized shades capable of adding a motor for the functionality you’ve been looking for. Sporting a value-based price point, these motorized shades deliver reliability, and functionality with the long standing backing of Hunter Douglas shades you’ve come to know over the years

So Which Motorized Shades Are Right For You?

Can’t decide on which Motorized Shades are best for your home or business? We’re here to help you design the perfect Motorized Shades setup! Call us today at 516-345-2636 and speak with our dedicated Shades Specialist today!

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