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Motorized window treatments nyc

When it comes to adding shades to your windows, blocking the sunlight or privacy are the first things that come to mind but is that all that a motorized shade installation can do? At Audio Video Invasion we are motorized shades installers for the top brands of motorized shades NY has to offer! These brands include Hunter Douglas, Lutron, and Crestron. With a dedicated motorized shades specialist on staff you’re sure to find the right motorized window treatment for your Long Island or NYC home or business.

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades give you the perfect balance of functionality and style for your home or business. These automatic shades can be controlled with just a tap from keypads, touch panels, or even an app on your phone!


Like all shades motorized shades add privacy to your home or business. Unlike many standard shades on the market, motorized window treatments make it easy to control just how much privacy you want at any give time. Motorized window shades come in all of the styles, colors, and materials you can think of with options such as dual roller shades that can either be blackout or sheer within the same window. With motorized shades you can have the best of both worlds.

Light Enhancement

Because the only function of motorized shades isn’t to block the sun, it’s to show it off in its best form. With motorized shade options that can filter light and provide a balance between UV protection and natural light within your space you’re sure to find the best way to show off your space. This can come in the form of motorized blinds, shades, or curtains to suit your home or business best.

Room Darkening

There’s nothing worse than coming off a night shift with the sun gleaming right onto your pillow. With motorized blackout shades you can close your shades with the tap of a button and eliminate the light to help you get to sleep fast. These blackout motorized window treatments also work great in home theaters, allowing your projector to deliver the best results during the day.

Energy Efficiency

Opening and closing your shades throughout the day to optimize your home’s energy consumption can be a difficult task but what if it could happen automatically? With motorized shades you can set timers to have your motorized window treatments open and close at the optimal times of day throughout the year to allow heat to be gained in the winter and blocked in the summer, keeping your home or business at the perfect temperature you choose.

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption is especially important and often overlooked when thinking of motorized window treatments. This is because while glass looks beautiful and serves many functions, the acoustics that come off of glass seldom produce optimal results. that come off of glass seldom produce optimal results. This is why using motorized shades options made for sound absorption can help your home theater or music system sound as it should, making your listening more enjoyable.

Are you ready to add motorized shades to your home? Speak with our Motorized Shades Specialist today at 516-345-2636 to get started!

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Motorized Window Treatments
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