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Keypads for Every Style

When it comes to smart home keypads, the difference is immediately noticed with keypads from: Control4, LutronCrestron, & Foster & Lomax. Each brand brings a unique blend of style, functionality, and innovations to the table, but which is best for your home or business? Let’s dive into the world of home automation keypads and compare your options.

Lutron Palladiom: Beautiful Aesthetics and Precision Control

Experience redefined luxury with the Lutron Palladiom keypads. Crafted to seamlessly work with any décor, the Palladiom keypad offers custom engraving and a variety of finishes. Its intuitive buttons provide precision control over lighting, shades, and more.

Lutron Palladiom Keypad

Lutron Alisse: Classic Style Meets Luxury Control

Lutron Alisse brings classic design into a modern lighting keypad. Custom engraving and sophisticated control meets a timeless design for a modern yet nostalgic feel.  

Lutron Alisse Keypad NY

Lutron Sunnata: Harmony in Design and Function

Complement your smart home with Lutron Sunnata keypads. With its sleek design and efficient layout, Sunnata brings together effortless control of lighting, music, and ambiance. Experience modern living at your fingertips.

Lutron Sunnata keypad

Lutron seeTouch: Personalized Control, Effortlessly Integrated

Lutron’s seeTouch keypads exemplify personalized control. Tailor each button to your preferences, whether it’s lighting scenes, temperature adjustments, or audio settings. Seamlessly integrated into your smart home ecosystem, these keypads deliver a new level of convenience.

Lutron seeTouch Keypad NY

Control4 Decora: Streamlined Elegance with Endless Possibilities

Elevate your interior with the Control4 Decora keypad. Its clean design seamlessly fits into any space, while customizable buttons offer endless possibilities. From controlling entertainment to managing smart devices, Decora keeps you in command.

Control4 Decora Keypad NYC

Control4 Contemporary: Modern Aesthetics, Uncompromising Control

The Control4 Contemporary keypad stands as a testament to modern aesthetics and control excellence. Its square form factor houses intuitive controls for lights, security, and more. Add a touch of sophistication to your home automation journey.

Control4 Contemporary Keypad

Crestron Horizon: Innovative Design, Boundless Control

Discover innovation at your fingertips with the Crestron Horizon keypad. Its sleek, low-profile design conceals a powerhouse of control. From room settings to multimedia commands, Horizon takes your smart home experience to new heights.

Crestron Horizon Keypad

Crestron Cameo: Elegance Redefined, Performance Amplified

Elegance finds a new expression in the Crestron Cameo keypad. Meticulously crafted, it offers a range of button configurations tailored to your needs. Seamlessly integrating with Crestron systems, Cameo is the epitome of refined control.

Crestron Cameo Keypad

Forbes & Lomax Momentary Push Buttons & Toggle Switches: A Stylish Alternative

With Forbes & Lomax Momentary Push Buttons & Toggle Switches you can gain control of your home automation system from Lutron, Crestron, or Control4 with push buttons and toggles that offer a more refined look. They’re even available with invisible face plates for a seamless look. 

Forbes & Lomax Momentary Keypad

Choosing Your Perfect Keypad: A Summary

  • Lutron brings elegance and customization to the forefront with offerings like Palladiom, Sunnata, seeTouch & Alisse
  • Control4 emphasizes streamlined design and versatility through Decora and Contemporary keypads
  • Crestron merges innovation and elegance with Horizon and Cameo keypads
  • Forbes & Lomax tailored to your space with unique control with Momentary Push Buttons & Toggle Switches 

No matter which brand and style you choose, these keypads are designed to enhance your smart home experience. From intuitive controls to seamless integration, your perfect keypad is just a call to 516-345-2636 away.