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Smart Home Automation

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Smart Home Automation Design & Installation

Awarded Smart Home Contractor - 20YRS serving NYC & Long Island

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We make your house "smart"

Did you lock your door when you left the house or turn off the lights?  Ever wonder and have to go back home in the middle of rush hour? Are you on vacation but just got a notification that someone is on your property? If only you could remotely access your surveillance system from anywhere in the world. Well, you can!

Our diamond rated residential smart home automation installers specialize in  lighting control, climate and energy  control to smart home security.

We can create that for you, from design to installation, we are an award winning smart home company serving the New York City and Long Island areas.

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Design & Installation

Our Smart Home Services

Smart lighting, climate, security, audio/visual; these are all components of a complete smart home system.

As an award-winning smart home installers, we provide expert installation and support services.  As a smart home contractor in the industry for 16 years and over 20 years of experience, we will provide a sophisticated smart home design tailored to your needs.

We also work with home owners, contractors, developers, and architects to develop a personalized smart home design for your new custom home.

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It's not just smart, it is genius.

What can a smart home do?

Smart home climate control features can include :

  • Service single zone or multi-zone units
  • Intelligent thermostats that upgrade your existing climate control system with a modern sophisticated design
  • Remote temperature sensors
  • Increase energy efficiency

On-demand security features can include:

  • Surveillance cameras that you can access remotely from your phone app
  • Motion detection sensors
  • Automated locks that you can operate remotely
  • Integration with your existing alarm system

Smart home audio visual control features can include:

  • Separate home audio zones that can play different music in different rooms!
  • Music streaming and integration with all major radio apps
  • Access your home control system through your TV, including your home surveillance cameras

Smart home lighting features can include:

  • Touch free light dimming
  • Motion activated light sensors
  • On-demand lighting control
  • Lighting scenes throughout the home

Award Winning Smart Home Contractors

Leaders in the industry

Over the past decade the technology evolution has led to advances in smart home systems and home automation where the digital management of your home is now a reality!  Checking your locks, turning off your lights, and controlling your home’s climate are all easily accessible tasks that can be taken care of through various apps right on your phone.


What are Smart Home Systems

A smart home system consists of various elements and devices that allow for separate control of lighting, audio visual, climate, and surveillance.

Walk into a warm cozy home with out having the heat on all day or a cool New York City apartment during a sweltering summer without having to leave your air conditioning running throughout the day.

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