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Meridian brings power and high fidelity audio from across the pond so it’s no surprise that top brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, and LG have chosen Median speakers as their go to for their products. With endorsements like that don’t you think a Meridian sound system would go great within your home or office? Built with a focus on superior craftsmanship and making sure that music and audio are heard how they are supposed to be, Meridian boasts features like lifelike DSP and more to bring you a justly accurate listening experience.  At Audio Video Invasion we are Meridian dealers and installers in the New York Metro and Long Island areas.  

Premium British Audio

Boundary Pushing Audio

Never satisfied with what’s already been done, Meridian Audio is always pushing the limits of audio engineering. With an ambition to bring quality audio in all environments, Meridian Audio is always a great choice for your listening pleasure. 


Meridian may have started with speakers but they have never taken their foot off the gas with innovation and improvement. With each new speaker produced boasting more power and clarity it’s not surprising that the name Meridian has become a giant in the industry. Meridian speakers are carefully tuned to deliver an optimal listening experience with features like Bespoke Signal Mapping, enhanced bass, and Full Frequency Alignment that makes all frequencies reach your ear at the same time for a true and on time listening experience. At Meridian they are never satisfied and are always looking to produce the next big thing in the audio industry and the care put into each one of their speakers is heard whenever you power one on.


Everything You Need for Top Quality Audio

When it comes to high fidelity audio it’s not just about the speakers used within your system. Meridian has engineered products to provide an optimal listening experience with components for every step your audio takes from choosing your song to hearing it play. Sounds simple right? With Streamers, DACs, Amplifiers, Digital Pre-Amps, Integrated Amps, Speakers, and more, Meridian is committed to providing the best quality available from your Digital audio.  Combining these components with Meridian speakers delivers a vibrant listening experience from any of your favorite sources.


The Titans of DSP

Digital Sound Processing, or DSP, is at the forefront of the design of all Meridian speakers and audio components. The choice to use digital processing was born form their goal to provide the clearest and most accurate audio reproduction since analog systems can be prone to unwanted interference and degradation. With over 25 years experience using DSP, Meridian is THE choice for Digital Sound Processing. 

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