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At Audio Video Invasion we are Lutron Certified Installers with over 15 years’ experience installing Lutron in NYC and Long Island, New York. A Lutron smart home system puts control of your lights and shades right into the palm of your hand and easily integrates with home automation systems. These systems can be applied to settings as small as a single room or are expandable to control an entire building. Our Lutron integrators will design and install the perfect system for your next home or commercial project!

Energy Savings

Did you know that almost 20% of your electric bill is just from lighting your home? Save money and the environment with LED lights, dimmers, and sensors. Your shades can also help block the sun in the summer to reduce cooling costs and intelligently open in the winter to allow more sun in to passively heat your home. This is especially useful for high and hard to reach skylights.

Motorized Shades

Lutron Shades don’t sacrifice style for convenience. Available in a multitude of styles, fabrics, colors, and functions, finding the right shades for your home or business is easy. These systems are built to manage anything from a small window to an entire building for smarter, cost saving convenience.

Smart Lighting

Control one light or a house full of lights using beautiful keypads, remotes, or an app on your phone. Program scenes for preset lighting arrangements or use sensors to have the lights react automatically to changing lighting conditions. You can even add timers to rooms to shut off lights or fans when a room is unoccupied. Dim lights to the perfect setting, no longer do lights just turn off when they drop below 10% brightness.


These smart lights and shades don’t only make your life easier when you’re home but can keep your home secure while you’re away. With just the tap of a button you can put your shades and lights into vacation mode that mimics your typical daily routine or close all shades to keep prying eyes away. This can be done from anywhere using the app and provide an additional layer of peace of mind.