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Serving New York & Long Island

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At Audio Video Invasion we are experienced Crestron Dealers in New York and Long Island. The robust system is both customizable and scalable to meet your growing automation needs. As Crestron Installers we are well versed in the latest technology and always growing list of compatible home automation components. Our Crestron integrators will design the perfect system for your next home or commercial project!

We design custom Crestron home automation solutions that can connect almost anything in your home with a switch or remote to the Crestron app. You can even access everything from a touch panel, fully customizable keypad, remote, or even your phone or tablet with ease. The system is built to improve your day to day life making it easier to be productive and efficient. This works for everything from your lights coming on when you pause a movie to walking into an intuitive conference room without a call to IT to get things started.

Crestron seamlessly integrates with your audio, video, lighting, shades, climate control, security, cameras, pool, and so much more! As a growing ecosystem of products, Crestron is always adding both their own products to meet the needs of businesses and home owners as well as compatibility with other products to connect your home effortlessly. 

Smarter Home Solutions

Get the Most out of your Smart home

Built for compatibility and ease of use, Crestron Home is a great choice for your home or office. Each component is not only built but designed in order to look as luxurious as the functions will make them feel. Intuitively created to turn everyday commands into easy solutions for you and your family. With no programming or software required, you can simply download the app and you’re in control. Enhance your lifestyle with a luxury home automation system by Crestron. 

Control video, dim the lights, and start the show all with one click.

Choose where you want your audio, even play different audio in each room.

Full Control

Use a panel, tablet, phone, or even your voice to control your home, even if you aren’t there.

Block the glare, or brighten your home with a push of a button, even program them to do it automatically.

Change the temperature when you need to and save on heating and cooling.

Program scenes, light your path, and never get caught in the dark again

Pool Control

Keep your pool at the perfect temperature, clean, and more with smart control.

See your camera feeds, lock your doors, and feel more secure.