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The right lighting fixture can make all the difference in a room but what makes it the right lighting fixture for your home or business? At Audio Video Invasion we offer what most lighting showrooms don’t; a lighting designer and lighting fixtures from top brands including Lutron, Ketra, Delta, DMF, Wac, LiteLine, and more to bring you the best solution for your home or business. These lighting fixtures don’t only look great but before above the rest. Choosing the correct lighting fixture is just as much about the function and capabilities as how it looks.


Ketra Lighting adds the elegance and benefits of natural lighting inside your space to keep your employees productive and your customers engaged. With Ketra lighting you tap right into your body’s circadian rhythm with lighting that adapts to mimic the sun and help maintain your desired mood and feel for the space. Ketra gives you complete control over your lighting fixtures to adjust your lighting fixtures for the optimal lighting for each time of day or activity. Ketra lighting fixtures include Downlights, Linears, Lamps, Track Lights, and the lighting control system can be used with many other brands we carry as well to ensure the best lighting possible in your space.

Ketra Lighting Design NY


Lutron Lighting offers the Downlights, Linears, Sconces, and Pendants through their Ivalo Lighting line with the premium lighting control to match. Lutron lighting fixtures offer flicker free 1% dimmable lighting fixtures made with high quality 95+ CRI LEDs adjustable between 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and warm amber dimming to offer a premium lighting experience. These lighting fixtures are also easily connected to Lutron’s several options for lighting control based on the size of the area or building you want to control including Vive, Quantum, Athena, and myRoom to offer the perfect lighting control for your space. 


Delta Light offers a range of beautiful and designer lighting fixtures to make a statement within your business. This includes lighting fixtures for everywhere from your Ceiling, Suspended, Wall, Floor, Profile Systems including magnetic lights, to exterior Ceiling Wall and Floor lighting fixtures. With Delta Light you get the perfect balance between style and controllability.

DMF Lighting

With a focus on flexibility, performance, and quality DMF Lighting sets the bar for modular lighting systems for your business.  Each product that DMF lighting offers strives to strike a balance between performance and value to offer high quality downlighting, pendant lighting, and surface mounted lighting options to meet all of the needs of your business.


Liteline lighting fixtures are made to transform the space awound them in architectural, commercial, and industrial spaces. Always looking to support the ever-growing needs of lighting designers and businesses, Liteline creates all kinds of lighting including recessed, track lighting, surface mount, cylinders, linear, Suspended, step and wall lights.

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Wac Lighting Installation New York

Wac Lighting

Wac Lighting is always combining fresh contemporary styles with innovative energy efficiency in all lighting fixtures they produce. Wac Lighting makes chandeliers, pendant lights, sconces, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, track lighting, and outdoor lighting solutions.

Ready to upgrade the lighting fixtures in your home or business? Give our lighting designer a call today at 516-345-2636 to start transforming your space with lighting design with the correct lighting fixtures!