Smart Home Automation Systems

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At Audio Video Invasion we are experts in smart home automation systems. No project is too small or large. We offer a free on-site consultation where we discuss the scope, budget and timeline of the project. We can propose a range of smart home systems equipment that will fit your needs and budget. We can also integrate your smart home appliances to be accessed by our Control4 interface.

We provide custom smart home system design and installation services. We also provide maintenance services making sure that as the technology progresses your system is kept in tip top shape.

Your imagination is the limit! Here is what smart home systems can do for you.

custom home theater systems
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Custom Home Theater Systems

Let us design a Home Theater System that will match your needs and budget whether it is intended for every day viewing in your family room or your Dedicated Theater Room in the basement of your home. We offer a wide variety of speakers and amplifiers for every level of sound performance and look. From High Performance Freestanding Loudspeakers or Invisible In Wall speakers that disappear in the room by painting over them to custom made sound bars that match the width of any television. We are able to accommodate all the interior design needs of your Family Room or Den and Dedicated Theater Rooms.

Since we are a home automation company at heart, control of the equipment that are part of your theater systems is as easy as it gets! By utilizing Control4 we are able to provide a single button to turn your surround sound system and television on and provide you with your desired source. Control everything via a Control4 Handheld remote control or an APP on your tablet or phone.

audio distribution
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Audio Distribution

Smart home audio systems is our specialty. Imagine being able to listen to your favorite Pandora station in the kitchen by using a simple to use interface that is on your phone or tablet. Then imagine sending that same station to the dining room, living room and patio by simply selecting those rooms on that same interface! Music streaming is here to stay and we make sure that all of our systems offer a vast variety of streaming services for you to choose from.

Anything from Pandora, Napster, Tune In as well as AirPlay is available effortlessly for you to utilize throughout your home via easy to use visual interfaces that are engaging and app based. We have been designing and installing Audio Distribution Systems for over 15 years but it is not until recently that we feel that everyone should have music throughout their home because of the simplicity and variety of the content that is available to them today!

video distribution home automation
video distribution nyc

Video Distribution

For people that have a large number of TVs in their home, a smart home video distribution solution is the one for them to consider. When the number of TVs exceeds 8 in a home, instead of having a cable receiver and Apple TV or Bluray Player per TV, we are able to provide you with a solution that will be utilizing a smaller number of cable boxes that will be available on all of the TVs.

To simplify it, imagine each member of your family having their own video source that will “follow” them around as they watch TV in different rooms of the house. So if there are 5 family members living in a home that has 10 TVs, you do need to have 10 cable receivers any more. You can have 5 cable receivers and the users can select their own anywhere there is a television. Same goes for Roku boxes, Apple TVs etc. Whether you are working out in the gym, watching a movie in the home theater or having breakfast and wanting to have the TV in the kitchen on, you will be able to have your own Video Source selected without interfering with the rest of the family members!

lighting control home automation
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Lighting Control Systems

We are proud to say that over 85% of all the Home Automation Systems we design and install have have Smart Home Lighting Control as part of them. Considering that we install hundreds of Control4 Systems yearly you can imagine why that is very exciting! Most people do not understand why they need a Lighting Control System.

We break it down to three elements: Exterior Lighting Control, Pathway Lighting in the house and Global Scenes. Give us the opportunity to properly explain what Lighting Control offers to you and your lifestyle and you can get to choose which one of the three elements you would like to have if not all three! We also offer consultative services for the lighting device flow within your home and help eliminate multiple switch banks from your walls for a more streamlined look that is clutter free.

climate control

Climate Control Systems

Smart Home climate control systems can save you money! Everyone should have this in their homes! Being able to monitor the temperature of your home and adjust it at will remotely is one of the best Smart Home features available. Besides that you can set schedules that interact with your lifestyle and the rest of the Automation System so when you leave the house the temperature will automatically adjust to an empty home but still having the ability to change it when you know you will be home shortly.

home surveillance security systems

Security & Surveillance Systems

Peace of Mind, Home or Away. Check in on things at home from wherever you are. Video monitoring allows you to access your surveillance cameras while away, smart home door locks are the virtual key to your home, alerts and alarms delivered as texts to your smartphone.