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Why Smart Surveillance?

Does your security system include a smart surveillance system? Is it only accessible from a small screen in your home or from anywhere you might be? Does it have high monthly fees or limited storage? The connectivity you were looking for with the security you need is what you’ll get with a smart cctv system. Coupled with a Home Automation system you can access your smart home surveillance system from anywhere and monitor any area in real time. We serve the NYC and Long Island, New York Areas.

Our experts service estates, multi residential buildings, and businesses in the New York area. We cover locations throughout NYC all the way to the end of Long Island.

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Secure Your Home with Ease

Sometimes peace of mind can be hard to come by in the days of porch pirates and uncertainty. Luckily there are solutions to help ease what you can’t see or don’t know using smart home surveillance systems. These automated systems can be checked in on from anywhere and can keep your home safer than ever before. With the press of a button you can lock your doors, turn off your lights, close your shades, and even arm your existing alarm system. A smart home cctv system can even be accessed from any device connected to your home automation system for easy viewing and eliminating the need for a dedicated bank of monitors to observe your home. Smart locks also allow for easy access for guests and workers without having to give a physical key. These can even be set to only work at certain times or be toggled on or off at your convenience. You can instantly contact any device connected to the home for easy intercom features as well. 

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Security Made Easy

Smart Surveillance Features

The New Smart CCTV Systems

In recent years CCTV Systems have come a long way in catching up with the rest of the industry. Gone are the days of a bank of grainy screens straight out of an 80’s movie and new, clear video is here to stay. Not only have monitors modernized to flat panels with high definition screens, but the cameras have become smaller, more advanced, more discreet (if that’s what you’re looking for), and have much clearer picture. These cameras even provide a clear picture in the dark thanks to infrared imaging technology. You can even ditch the monitors altogether and view your entire system right from your phone!

Security VS. Alarms

At AVI we offer solutions to help secure your home and make it safer. That being said, we are not an alarm company. Our products and smart surveillance systems can however connect to an alarm system to add an extra layer of peace of mind. Our systems put control of your security in your hands using cameras, sensors, motion detectors, smart locks, and any other technology that can keep your home more secure. These systems integrate with smart home systems that can send notifications right to your phone, allow you to check on your home from anywhere, and even initiate a vacation mode that adjusts your lights and shades at preferred intervals to make it seem as if you or your customer are home.

Motion Detectors

What makes a smart surveillance system so smart? With integrated motion sensors to tell you when one part of the system is accessed or if something is moving around outside you never have to worry about what you can’t see. You can add flood lights to flip on at the first sign of motion and easily see what’s going on outside even in the dark with cameras that feature infrared technology to show clear picture in the dark.

Smart Locks

Have a habit of forgetting your keys? Have guests or workers that you don’t want to give a key to? Give them a personal code or remotely unlock the door for them from your smart phone. You can even open the garage to have a delivery placed securely and close it from anywhere, all while watching them with your smart surveillance system

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We Work With You

A Builder's Best Friend

Wouldn’t it be great to secure a job site and add value to your next project at the same time? By integrating a smart surveillance system with a home automation system you can monitor tyhe property as it is being built to keep it secure. You can even add smart locks to monitor who enters and exits the property and easily delegate access in an instant. These features are highly desirable for potential buyers and can add to the overall value of the home while eliminating the need to run wires into new walls after the purchase. 

These features are not limited to small projects either. Smart Surveillance and Security measures can be implemented to a large scale to monitor an entire building with multiple units and replace the old, out of date intercom systems. Adding video intercoms allows owners to confidently grant access to the building with the peace of mind of being able to see the persons face before allowing them to enter the building. 

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