Landscape Lighting Installers Long Island

Many of us focus on choosing the best lighting design for the inside of our homes but what about the areas outside of your home? Landscape lighting can transform your back yard or outdoor area to make it both more enjoyable an more functional. These low voltage landscape lighting options come in more varieties than you might think, just like the lighting inside your home. That’s why at Audio Video Invasion we have an in-house landscape lighting designer  and partner with premium outdoor landscape lighting brands like Wac Lighing and Delta Light to offer our customers the best in LED landscape lighting for all of your outdoor lighting needs. These lighting brands integrate seamlessly with your home automation or lighting control system for easy control. We are outdoor lighting installers and landscape lighting integrators for the Long Island and New York City Metro areas. 

So what types of landscape lighting is available and how can I integrate it into my back yard? Just like inside your home there are outdoor rated lighting fixtures that come in many types of landscape lighting, including walkway lighting, hardscape lighting, ceiling panels, pendant lighting, recessed lighting, and surface mounted lights. Our lighting designer can help you choose the perfect outdoor landscape lighting for your home or business.

Led Landscape Lighting NY

Pendant Lights

Perfect for your covered patios, outdoor pendant lighting provides focused lighting for the areas you need it most like around a table or area where your guests gather. These lights are the perfect way to add downward facing light to your landscaping. They even come in models made specifically to hang from trees.

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Surface Mounts

If you’re looking to strike a balance between style and functionality, surface mounted landscape lighting is for you. With stylish fixtures to go with any style, surface mounted outdoor landscape lighting design has the ability to transform the look and feel of any outdoor space.

Landscape Lighting Long Island

Pathway Lighting

Whether they be in ground or accent lights, outdoor pathway lights can light up every step you take once the sun goes down. This makes your home safer, and allows you to show off your home’s beautiful features, even at night. These outdoor walkway lights come in every style you may need including mini accent lights, wall wash lights, and even in ground options.

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Recessed Lights

For clean and focused lighting, recessed outdoor landscape lighting can be applied into walls, ceilings, or even the ground to illuminate your space. These lights can adjust their beam angles, controlling brightness, and can even be built right into your concrete.

Are you ready to show off your landscape at any time of day with landscape lighting? Call us at 516-346-2636 today to speak with our landscape lighting designer and learn more about landscape lighting and how it can be applied to your home or business.