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Are you looking for the full movie theater experience but don’t want the hassle of all that comes with actually going to the cinema? With a custom home theater design, you can have your own home theater right in your home, catered right to your preferences and needs. You can even watch on your schedule and pause the movie any time and not miss the best part when you need a bathroom break. At Audio Video Invasion we build custom home theater systems and equip you with the best audio and visual components for your space. Don’t have enough room for a dedicated home theater? Read more about our media room design below!

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Media Room Design NY

So, what if like many people, you don’t have enough rooms in your home to make one a full time home theater. A custom media room may be the solution you are looking for. Combining the depth of sound and immersive feeling of a home theater with the versatility of a den or living room, media room design encompasses the needs of our busy lives for a best of both worlds experience. With a media room our sales engineers can design a solution that gets you the best audio and visual for your space while keeping the room accessible for you and your family. A media room design may incorporate a television instead of a projector or wireless speakers instead of wired in order to compensate for more light in the room and add speakers to already finished spaces.   

Home Theater Design

When it comes to home theater design, choosing the right components for your space is crucial to getting that home theater experience you’ve been looking for. While one home theater projector, av receiver, and surround sound arrangement may be good for a small home theater, it may not hold up in a larger room, or one with different acoustics. Our experienced sales engineers will help you choose the best components and home cinema design to enjoy your home theater experience to the fullest. And don’t forget about the finishing touches. While the audio and visual components are crucial, other elements like a star ceiling panels and correct rack placement can make all the difference between a good and great experience. 

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