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What is lighting design and why do you need it in your home? Lighting design invokes lights to play on human emotions, dictating the scale and mood of your space. This creates a more favorable environment where you live or work.  Lighting designers focus on how we feel in the space and what we intend to do in each area. All light isn’t the same and the right light and design can increase productivity, help you wind down, and improve the atmosphere when entertaining in your NYC or Long Island home. 

Our lighting consultants will not only design the right architectural lighting for your home but will explain how to make the best use of the light. Part of our design services is sourcing and installing light fixtures, recessed lighting and providing outdoor landscape lighting solutions.

Why is Lighting Design so important?

Did you know that the right custom lighting can even help you sleep better and wake up more refreshed? It can also reduce eye fatigue and headaches. Proper lighting in your space can increase your well being, not just make the space look beautiful.

Did you know that with proper lighting design you can save up to 40% on your electrical bill, reduce energy consumption up to 70% without sacrificing any comfort? Combine that with our motorized blinds and shades and the savings increase even more!

lighting consultant does much more than choose the type of lights in your home, they design a system of lights that works for you, not against you. With proper lighting design you will instantly see the difference in your home. You can even add lighting control for easy access to your lights even when you aren’t home.

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Lighting Designer NYC Services

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Consultation Upon Request
Discuss the project type, scale, and how lighting design can benefit your project
In-depth consultation with our lighting consultants to determine your expectations and lighting needs
Goals & Milestones
Summarizing your project expectations and creating a list of goals and estimated delivery dates for each phase of the project
Measurement and exploration of your venue (if new construction we will contact your architect for the details)
Development of the lighting design through CAD, and/or 3D rendering programs
Presentation of finalized draft, getting feedback, and making necessary adjustments to the lighting design
Transfer Lighting Designers' plans of architectural lighting and lighting system to electrician to be installed
Presentation of how to use your lighting system to its fullest by one of our lighting consultants

Smart Lighting Control Systems

When it comes to custom lighting, the right smart lighting control system can make a huge difference. This is why at AVI we are certified Crestron dealersLutron dealers, and Diamond level Control4 dealers to bring you the best control options the lighting industry has to offer. These lighting control systems can do everything from turn your lights on and off with keypads to programming them to mimic the natural rhythm of your body with a more advanced lighting control system like Lutron Ketra. These smart home systems can also seamlessly integrate with the rest of your home to control your motorized shades, climate, AV, security, and more all from one convenient app, touch panels, and keypads throughout your home.

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Energy & Efficiency

With lighting design you get the benefits of energy efficiency and conservation without sacrificing your daily routine and habits. With smart lighting design you can cut your energy usage up to 70%, with the reward of reducing your electric bill by 40%. Best of all this doesn’t mean your lights will always be dim, you will enjoy the optimal levels of brightness in your home all day long.

Health & Wellbeing

Have you ever left the office with a headache due to the flickering fluorescent lighting all day long? The incorrect lighting while working on the computer or even cooking dinner can cause headaches, dry eyes, or even eye pain. With correctly designed lighting, you can feel at ease and optimize your productivity and the way you feel each and every day.

Beautiful Design

Human centric lighting knows no design limits. The lighting designer focuses on textures, finishes, works of art, and more to help accentuate the character of your home or business and give the space the right tone. Light in design can emphasize elements like the fireplace, wall décor, and art, all while being the correct temperature to keep you feeling relaxed or focused, depending on your preference.

Save Time & Money

Hiring a lighting designer will streamline your whole building process from the start. To achieve the effect you want the lighting designer will translate your needs to the architect and electricians to ensure the correct architectural lighting and use of natural light for your space. Our lighting designers will prepare lighting specifications, zoning blueprints, CAD drawings, and guidelines to ensure your space is exactly how you want.

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