remote phone support

Dear valued clients,

First and foremost we hope that you and your family are well and staying safe during these difficult times.

Even though AVI falls under the essential business category, we are not performing any in house service calls with people present in the homes. As you can imagine, this greatly limits our physical presence and we have to adapt to the new conditions by handling most issues remotely for our clients during these difficult times.

To continue to provide seamless support to you, we have sustained certain aspects of the company administrative resources in place as well as a number of technicians that can perform these calls and get people under way to the best of our ability.


In order to assist our client base properly, we have come up with the following policy changes:

  • For the foreseeable future, we will have to charge for each tech support call that we perform to our clients so we can at least pay for the necessary overhead. The charge for this call will be $50.00 plus tax and it will be charged on a credit card. That charge will incur whether the issue is resolved over the phone or not. There will be no time limit for our technicians to diagnose and try to resolve the issue for our clients. The technician will be sending you this letter via email as well as a credit card form before a phone call can be performed. We hope you can appreciate the need for us to charge for these services during this time.
  • If the initial diagnosis points to a faulty component , the client will have an option for us to ship the component to their home and then a technician to perform a remote support call and guide the client on how to replace the piece of equipment via video calling and team viewer support. The cost for that option will be the cost of the equipment and its shipping which will be provided to the client via email as well as $85/ hour for the actual call.



The Above options do not apply to the following clients:

  • Clients that just recently got their systems installed and fall under the 6 month labor warranty that the company provides. We wish to remind everyone that our warranty starts from the day of client education. While they will not get charged for the tech support call, we still won’t be able to have a physical service call performed.
  • Clients that have signed up for our maintenance contracts will not get charged for any remote tech support calls as it falls under their designated maintenance contract. If you wish to receive information about our maintenance packages, please email me directly at and I will be happy to provide them to you since they are not the same for everyone and they are based on the size of the system every client has in their homes/ businesses.


Physical appointments that can be performed safely:

  • There are several scenarios that enable us to deploy our teams and perform physical work. These scenarios include summer home residences where no one is staying presently at the house, new construction sites where we can perform wiring as well as installations before anyone has moved in and businesses that need assistance while their operations are shut down.


I personally want to thank you for your understanding and loyalty to our company and want to wish to every one of you good health and patience while we get through these difficult times.



Panos Anassis
Audio Video Invasion