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Sonance Outdoor Speakers – Garden Series

Sonance Outdoor Garden Series

Sonance Garden Series borrows performance design elements from the industry-leading Sonance Landscape Series products and creates a smaller scale system ideal for outdoor areas up to 3,500 square feet. Sonance Garden Series is the perfect balance of performance and simplicity in an outdoor audio system.

Satellite Speaker

Sonance Garden Series satellite speakers are designed using elements from the award-winning Sonance Landscape Series speakers. Features like replaceable, wide dispersion grilles, included 9″ ground stakes, and an adjustable mounting knuckle allow for ideal placement and positioning for optimal audio direction.

sonance satellite speaker 1

In-Ground Subwoofer

The new Sonance Garden Series subwoofer is a 10″ in-ground, dual voice coil design for the ideal balance of low frequency in the Sonance Garden Series system.

Sonance Sub


Sonance Garden Series is a system of 8 satellite speakers and 1 in-ground subwoofer that is wired on a single amplifier. The results are a beautiful blend of performance and ease of installation. The system provides even, balanced coverage and can be expanded for up to 16 speakers and 2 subwoofers on a single amplifier.

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