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LED strip lights installer NY

Transform Your Home with LED Tape Lighting

Are you looking for a way to add some flair and personality to your home? Do you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with minimal effort and cost? If you answered yes, then you may want to consider LED tape lighting as a solution for your next...

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Lighting Fixture Design NY

Best Light Source for Eye Diseases

In 2011 the American Journal of Public Health published a study showing that exposure to bright, cool, fluorescent lights causes a 12% increase in eye diseases. This also applies to people with eye disease or eye surgeries, including laser. That means that the wrong kind of artificial lighting can...

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Lighting Design NYC

Brightening a Dark Room or Area: 8 Tips from a Lighting Designer

Even the sunniest of houses will have darker areas. And lighting those rooms successfully might be a demanding task. You need to create a scheme that will provide you with sufficient illumination and gives you the ability to adjust the mood of lighting to match your tasks and emotions....

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Lighting Designer NYC

Photometrics  – Calculation Based Lighting Design

Photometrics lighting is not a style of lighting design, it’s the study of light and how light emanates from a lighting fixture into the environment. A good lighting designer will design the project using photometric maps and diagrams. Photometric calculations are the only method that is precise and detailed...

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How to Choose the Correct Beam of Lighting for your Space

From candles to lamp bulbs, all types of light have beam sources. When your lighting design calls for a specific mood by utilizing light, beam angles are as important, as if not more important than the temperature emitted by the light. Beam Angle is a metric that helps you...

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Restaurant Lighting Design

Proper Restaurant Illumination

Illuminating your Restaurant for Success “Lighting in restaurants is the first thing interior designers get wrong” – Raimundo Gaby, professor of business management at the Culinary Institute of America. The atmosphere in a Restaurant is created with construction, paint on the walls, decorations, etc. However, to see them, you...

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Ketra Lighting New York

Ketra Lighting Design: Lighting That Feels Natural

Natural light defines the rhythm of our lives. Before electricity was used to illuminate space, the human day was organized around the availability of sunlight. Nowadays, we have artificial light and lighting control. We know that artificial lighting is not the same as natural light. What if I told...

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Lighting Design For Art

How To Showcase Art In Your Home With Lighting Design

Art & Photo Gallery Walls When buying priceless art, you and your guests should be able to admire every single detail of your art within your home. Hanging the art in the right place is one thing. But to make your art shine, you’ll need the right lighting design....

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