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Why It Is Worth Employing a Lighting Designer

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When choosing your home interior design, your top goal is to create a cozy and practical space for you and your beloved ones. And to achieve this, most people only go to interior designers or rely on architects. If you already have an architect, interior designer, and electrician, why would you need another person on your team? What is the role of the Lighting Designer

Lighting Design is about how we feel in a space. When it comes to emphasizing stylish furniture, textures, unique finishes, and architectural elements, lighting design is the solution. When investing in elegant furniture, architectural details, or unique finishes, you want to simultaneously emphasize these elements and create the right atmosphere. This is where your need for a Lighting Designer comes in. 

Lighting Is More Than Just Electricity

It is often assumed that since an electrician installs lights, he also has expertise in lighting. Every experienced electrician is worth their weight in gold. But what I am trying to say is that the lighting industry is ever-changing, and the number of products available on the market is countless. It is unfair to expect an electrician to also know interior design trends and techniques, lighting control systems, and how to adapt them to your lifestyle. An electrician will not know how to choose the proper lighting for a specific space, time of day, or specific tasks that you perform in each room. Also, do not expect detailed knowledge of the lighting industry from an architect or interior designer. They have an extensive range of information to be assimilated and applied. Lighting Design is a separate, broad field requiring many years of training and specialization. In addition to ambient lighting (general lighting) that sets general illumination in the space, a lighting designer will use tasks and accent lights in the right amount and space. Now you know what areas a Lighting Designer covers, so let’s move on to the benefits of hiring a Lighting Designer: 

  1. You Will Save Money & Get The Most Effective System

A Lighting Designer will not want to sell you the most expensive lighting because that’s the salesman’s job. Instead, the lighting designer will focus on the artistic, practical, and aesthetic use of lighting on your property. By using different types of lighting, and most importantly, the lighting control system, a lighting designer will turn your home into a space that will harmonize with you, your well-being, and the rhythm of your life at different times of the day.

2. Emphasizing the Uniqueness of Your Interior

The Lighting Designer will focus on textures, finishes, or works of art. The right choice of lighting will emphasize the character of the decor and give the space the right tone. The light can emphasize elements, such as the fireplace, wall decor, and art. For that usage, the lightning designer will choose the best accent lighting options.

3. Minimize the Headaches

Minimalize the frequency of migraines caused by bad lighting. Lighting has a significant impact on our well-being. A few hours of work in lousy lighting guarantees headaches, dry eyes, and even pain in your eyeballs. This problem can be avoided by selecting the appropriate lighting for the given task. Such lighting is called task lights.

4. Accelerates the Process

The lighting designer works with you to achieve the effect you want. Documents like lighting specifications, zoning blueprints, and guidelines prepared by the lighting designer streamline the whole process. Unnecessary errors and misunderstandings that often result from a lack of communication between the electrician, the lighting systems company, the architect, and the electrical engineer can be avoided. Very often, projects are protracted because the guidelines are mutually exclusive. A Lighting designer considers the electrical, aesthetic, and technical aspects.

Summarizing: The lighting designer will work with you to deliver the desired atmosphere, feeling, and aesthetic. Using a lighting designer will let you save money, speed up the process and have the most cost, energy, and aesthetic-sufficient lighting solution on your property. 

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