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Smart Shades and Your Long Island, New York Home

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The Upgrade You Didn’t Realize Your Home Needs Most

You’ve been doing this thing for so long that you may not have even realized there is another way to go about it. I’m talking about the once or twice a day opening and closing your shades to get more of the natural light we all crave. Or you may even get lazy…we won’t tell anyone…and keep them closed to save a step in your day. This is where getting your window treatments motorized comes in. Motorized shades and smart blinds are intuitively made to open and close with an app or even to be set with an automated schedule to open and close whenever you may want them to. How about waking up in the morning to the sunrise as it slowly brightens your room. Sounds magical compared to the dreaded sound of an alarm clock right? These things and more are possible with smart shades in your home. Did I mention you don’t even need to be home to adjust them?

Motorized Shades New York

Motorized Shades and the Advantages you Didn’t Think Of

Adding Motorized Shades to your home comes with many advantages such as convenience, energy savings, and security, as mentioned here, but having your window treatments motorized offers other reasons you may not have thought of.

Protecting Your Furniture and Décor from the Harshness of the Sun

Smart Shades can be closed automatically or at your choosing during the afternoon when you aren’t home and the sun can be its strongest. Over time this can help keep the color of your furniture, pictures, and artwork vibrant and avoid the faded effect the sun often causes. Try looking at an old picture of your colorful furniture when it was new in a sunny area of your home and you’ll see exactly what too much sun can do to it. This is often best avoided by getting window treatments motorized on your skylights and other hard to reach windows that the effort to manually close them doesn’t usually seem worth it. This doesn’t mean that your home needs to be dark all of the time either, while you can opt for blackout shades there are also options that are translucent or transparent that allow some light to pass through while still blocking the harmful UV rays.

Not Having to Actually Touch the Shades

While some may not think this is such a big deal, these days with viruses impacting our lives, having less surfaces that we need to touch can be a big advantage. In your home you are likely touching many of the same surfaces as your family but does every presentation in your office on a sunny day require the blinds to be closed to see the projector better?  This can lead to someone having to open and close the blinds for every meeting when instead a button can be tapped on your phone to operate your smart shades.

Integration with Your Home Automation System

One of the great advantages to adding motorized shades to your already smart home is that they can operate on the same app as your other devices. At Audio Video Invasion we install brands like Lutron, Crestron, and Hunter Douglas that seamlessly integrate with you Control4 or Crestron home automation system.  This allows for a smooth experience and even the ability to combine functions such as your shades going down when you turn your TV on to reduce glare.

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